Garden Furniture

Tables, chairs, parasols and benches are all common types of garden furniture, and they now come in various designs and styles. Garden furniture can really help make certain that your garden stands out from the crowd, but the best gardens will have a noticeable theme or strong bonds between furniture and features. For example if you have oak seating, an oak shed, oak decking and a steel table, the style will not be as fluid as it could be if the table was oak too, and materials should always be chosen carefully.

Today it’s quite easy to get a fluid style, especially if you buy furniture sets rather than individual pieces of furniture. A furniture set will ensure the same material and style is used for different pieces of furniture, and this doesn’t just have to apply to wood.

Modern furniture can include brushed steel, glass and cast iron, and some pieces of garden furniture will combine wood with metal and wood with glass, and it is these unique combinations that can help to make a garden more distinguishable.

A good material that doesn’t require a great deal of treatment or maintenance is heavy duty UV stabilised polyurethane, and this is perfect for tables and chairs, and it will mean you won’t have to worry when you leave it outside uncovered in the winter.

Garden furniture can make a real statement about your garden, and the products on the market today are very strong and sturdy. This means that when you buy furniture today you’re essentially making a long-term investment, because you may be using the equipment for more than a decade, or perhaps even longer.

You may find that you have limited space for garden furniture, and again this will mean that it is even more important to choose your furniture wisely. The majority of gardens in the UK will have room for a seating area, and you should always aim to choose seating that’s comfortable enough for guests, and durable enough to cope in the cold months.

Heat lamps and garden chimineas can bring warmth to a seating area, meaning you can enjoy the space in the winter, and the right furniture can actually help you make the most of your garden all year round.