Garage Doors

Garage doors are essential to a home, and there are plenty of options, no matter what you use your garage for. Roller shutter doors are ideal if you want a garage door that saves space, is strong and durable and is easy to operate. Many roller shutter doors can be equipped with electronic operation, and this means that you can simply open your garaged door by the click of a button, so you don’t even have to get out of your vehicle.

A sectional door will also provide security, and they can actually be finished in different designs and styles to match the personality of your home.  These can also be equipped with electronic operation whilst they’re secure too,  yet they rarely require a great deal of maintenance.

An up and over door is the norm for many households, and that’s because it is an extremely reliable garage door type, and they come in various styles and designs. They are known as the conventional garage door type in the UK, and when a up and over door is shut there is no noticeable gap between the door and the design.

Side-hinged garage doors can seem rather traditional on the outside, and many of them are made of timber. The benefit with a side hinged garage door is that you don’t have to fully open both of the doors to get access, and if you only want to quickly enter the garage, then only one side needs to be opened, and this can be much more appropriate if you’re in and out of your garage quite often.

Round the corner garage doors are another common type and they’re growing in popularity. The early manual operation round the corner doors tended to be made of wood, and now aluminium is being used, and that means it can be opened and closed faster, while many of which tend to come with electronic operation.

There is more variety than ever before when it comes to finding the right garage door type for your property, and each of the garage doors will have their own benefits. Just make sure that before you decide on a garage door you consider security, operation and design.