There are a few elements that can really make a garden look stunning, and one of those elements is a nice, fresh green lawn. Not many people manage to maintain the green colour of a lawn, but it’s not necessarily too difficult to preserve yours. If you wait months between mowing the lawn, then this can cause issues with colour and it tends to be a case of the shorter the better, and not just in the summer.

Soil is always important to your lawn, and the fact is if you have a poor quality soil, you will have a poor quality lawn. The richer the soil the better and it will not need to be fed as much. Another area where people tend to be puzzled is with weeds. Every weed you see on your lawn should be removed, and weed killer can be ideal whilst it is simple to apply. This is the same with moss, and it is a sign that your lawn is not in poor condition; perhaps it is waterlogged or too compact, and there are various sprays that can help get your lawn looking the way it should.

You must also remember that it’s not only important to water your plants in the summer months; turf needs a good amount of water too. If you have established turf, then it will lose the green colour over time if it is not watered and you don’t’ need to do this often. Just make sure that the top soil is moist to a depth of around 6 inches.

Most people want their lawns to look green and fresh, and it’s all about giving your lawn a good amount of care and attention. If you mow your lawn frequently, water it from time to time, remove any damaging plants like weeds and moss, and feed your lawn every spring, then you will have a nice green lawn that your guests will envy.

If you’re yet to lay a lawn, make sure you get it right first time, with a rich soil and a high quality turf, then it’s just a case of frequent maintenance. It really doesn’t involve too much hard work.