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Easy ways to declutter your garden shed

Posted on February 22, 2022 at 11:15 pm

Many of us cleared up our gardens before winter and probably the majority of garden items were put into the garden shed but if you cannot now get into the shed because it is so cluttered it may be time to think about giving it a declutter.

It is better to wait until a dry day to tackle this task as the first thing to do is to completely empty the shed. It is possible then to see the items and be able to decide whether there is anything that is no longer needed. A good idea is to make three piles, things to keep, things that are broken and need mending or throwing away and things that are no longer needed and can be donated to a charity shop or sold.

Once you have completed this initial step it is time to sort out the storage spaces. Optimising the space is essential so shelving and storage boxes is a good way to start. Hooks on the walls and ceiling should be used so that garden tools can be hung up and are more easily accessible when needed.

After a good sweep out the shed is ready to have the keeping items stored away neatly making sure you can access all the areas.

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