Does your lawn need attention?

Posted on May 31, 2022 at 6:55 am

During the autumn and winter months we often forget about our lawns but when spring arrives and we start to spend more time in our gardens, we realise that the lawn desperately needs some attention. Weeds such as buttercups and plantains sprout up in the middle of the lawn and prevent the grass from growing in those areas or the lawn is overtaken by moss which again kills off the turf.

There are many products available that proport to bring your grassed area back to a lush, green lawn but take care as some products kill off the moss leaving blackened areas on the lawn which need to be removed by scarifying. Although these treatments have something in them which should encourage the grass to grow, it can take a while for the lawn to recover.

A better solution to revive a worn or dilapidated lawn is to dig out large weeds, scarify with a pronged implement to get rid of some of the moss then reseed the whole area with a good quality, fast growing grass seed that will grow and fill in the bare patches. Regular watering and feeding will soon have the lawn looking green and lush again ready for the summer.

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