Creating a winter wonderland in your garden

Posted on October 20, 2021 at 6:03 am

Although some people are still dubious to use the word Christmas, there is no hiding from the fact that it is now only a couple of months away and will soon come round.

If you like to put up decorations at Christmas, you don’t just have to put them up inside. Why not let the rest of your community enjoy them but putting some decs up outside or that can be seen from outside. Lights around roof pitches or windows often look lovely at that time of year. You can opt or have multi coloured lights or you may decide to stick to a theme such as blue and white or red and green.

You can often pick up some fantastic deals on Christmas outdoor decorations, if you are willing to buy early. Reindeer or Santa sleighs often pop up on roofs or in front gardens and can really look quite magical. You may need to think about the security of them if you are going to be leaving them on a front lawn. Some people even have to bolt them down to avoid them getting taken.

It may be worth asking the neighbours if they are ok with you putting up lights if it is going to be seen from inside their property.

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