Can you do much with your garden in winter

Posted on December 23, 2020 at 8:40 pm

Gardens can look messy in the winter months as you are not able to get out as often to give it a once over. If you have children or dogs that go out on the grass, it may get very muddy quickly. Ideally, before the bad weather hits you need to go out and spend a few hours tidying it up. Put away any kids toys or equipment that can be put away and try and store your deck chairs and parasol out of the elements.

You will not be able to mow the grass if it is wet so you need to keep on top of it during the autumn and into the winter. If we have a dry day, then make the most of it and go out and give it a quick mow. During the winter months the grass won’t grow very much so it you can keep on top of it until the really cold weather sets in you should be ok. Any potted plants that are temperamental to the cold should be bought inside for the winter or put into a green house to avoid it getting damaged by the frost.

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