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The Benefits Of Commercial Umbrellas

Posted on May 28, 2017 at 1:24 pm

If you’ve been on holiday at a property (resort, hotel etc.) with extensive lounging furniture or patio, there are high chances that you’ve enjoyed the shade provided by patio umbrellas. These large umbrellas are also called commercial umbrellas. You can trust them to be very high quality and durable since they are specifically built for commercial use.

Besides providing protection against harsh weather conditions like rain and sunshine, these versatile umbrellas also offer lots of other benefits to both commercial and private properties. Let’s look at some of those benefits in detail:

Adds Comfort To Your Outdoor Space

These umbrellas provide comfort to your guests outdoors in that they do not have worry about being interrupted by drizzles or extreme heat from the sun. With these shade structures, they can eat, drink and chat freely as they relax.

Convenient Installation and Setup

These umbrellas are also very easy to install and set up. You can do so without professional help. Just fit the base, set up the umbrella on it and finally dress the canopies on the frame of the umbrella. That’s it. These outdoor umbrellas have a convenient crank that allows you to open and close them easily with minimal effort.

Increases The Curb Appeal Of Your Property

Commercial umbrellas can also be used to decorate just about any outdoor space (patio, garden, pool area, backyard etc.). They not only provide shade but also add a pop of colour to any setting, which adds comfort for your guests.

They also help to set the tone and define the identity of a property. For instance, you can pair them with chaise lounges to create a casual, relaxed and classy environment on a pool deck. Similarly, you can station hexagon umbrellas over small dining tables outdoors to create an intimate and charming atmosphere for your customers if you have a restaurant business.

Provides A Competitive Edge To Your Business

Installing these umbrellas in your business can also give you an edge over your competitors. There’s nothing more welcoming than a well-designed large umbrella in front of your business. If you’re operating a restaurant, for instance, more customers will opt to eat at your place where they feel they’ll be well protected outdoors from direct heat from the sun or rain.

Large umbrellas outside your business premises will also attract passersby, especially when it’s sunny and hot. They get a place to relax and chat over a cold drink as they wait for the weather to get better. With more customers outside, you’ll have additional space indoors to accommodate even more potential clients. This means more money in your pocket.

Available In A Wide Range of Colours, Sizes and Shapes

If you’re worried that you might not find the right kind of umbrella for your property, you don’t need to be. That’s because they come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes to match the needs of just about any outdoor space.

Overall, commercial umbrellas are a great addition to any commercial or private property. They are the way to go if you want to keep your guests comfortable outdoors.

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