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The Advantages of Thermowood Decking

Posted on June 29, 2017 at 2:52 pm

Thermowood Decking is a very popular choice for many homes and business owners, but it can be unsafe, which means that there is a growing demand for not slip decking that allows us to benefit from the strong appeal of the decking without putting the safety of ourselves and others at risk. Non-slip decking is often called anti-slip decking, but the principle remains the same. The problem with timber decking is that, despite its highly desirable appearance, when it becomes wet safety can be greatly compromised. In the UK especially, the chances of the decking become exposed to moisture are always high, meaning that only not slip or anti-slip decking can be considered for outdoor environments.
Avoid legal obstacles

If you’re a business owner, it’s important to go the extra mile to ensure that your customers are safe. When customers are injured on your premises, the costs to you regarding both finance and your reputation can be vast. Anti slip decking helps prevent accidents via the special resin and aggregate mixture that is inserted into the grooves of the decking. The mixture not only keeps those who use the decking safe but contributes notably to longevity too, meaning that when not slip decking is installed you’re free to enjoy it for years down the line. There are other ways of making timber decking safe, but none of the alternatives have proved to be as convincing as the techniques used in none or anti slip decking. What’s more is that the techniques used don’t compromise the visual appeal of the decking.

Attractive and safe

Some companies specialising in the Thermowood Decking allow you to either transform your existing decking or buy ready-made anti-slip decking from them. This means that if you have a style of decking that has won you over but is not available on none slip form it can easily be transformed. Timber decking shows no signs of fading in popularity and looks set to be acquired by scores of businesses and property owners for years to come. Invest in no slip decking, and you can enjoy your product well into the future without drawbacks.
Deck clips or continuous deck fasteners are available to allow fastening decking from below with no visible screw or nail heads. They are more expensive and take more time to install. The important thing is that there is enough room to work on the deck from below.

There are several types available. The most common and most efficient is a perforated L-shaped strip. The idea is to screw through 1 side to fasten the hardware to the joist and through the other to fasten the decking board to the hardware.

It is important to check every fourth or fifth board to check for straightness. Simply measure back to the starting board at several points to see that the boards will continue to be square to the frame.

Once all the boards are installed and completely fastened in place, it is simply a matter of snapping a chalk line at the outer edge of the decking and making the cut to trim the outer edge of the deck.

Installing decking is not brain surgery. It is a simple process that simply involves careful measurement, precise cutting and the strategic placement and fastening of the boards that will make up the surface of this wonderful outdoor structure.

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