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Sculpting Hedges in Your Garden

Posted on August 26, 2016 at 5:46 am

A nice touch to gardens with hedges that stand independently in an ornamental fashion in your garden is to have them sculpted into a simple shape, such as an oval, a square, a diamond and you can even decorate them with a few solar garden lights to create a cool lighting effect at night. Though for the more complex shapes you will need to hire a landscaper to translate your ideas into a work of art that you would love to see in your garden.

You can even spend a few hours trimming the large hedges outside your home if you have them marking the borders of your gardens.

If you don’t have any hedges you can buy some free standing potted hedges and sculpt them too. You can even get the artificial types that should have a tidy fixed shape that will look nice in your garden and will require very little upkeep.

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