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Looking After Your Lawn

Posted on January 5, 2016 at 7:02 am

Maintaining your lawn is an ongoing job, and it does not necessarily have to stop when the winter season hits. So when there is an element of good weather in the winter give your grass a once over every so often and keep it trimmed.

If your lawn has become discoloured and thin with bald patches dotted around your lawn, get some grass seeds handy and a long thin metallic object, no thicker than a pen. Then poke some deep holes and sprinkle the seeds into the holes and on-top of the bald patches; this ensures that new grass has a chance to grow again. During this time, it’s probably better not to trim your lawn until after new growth has emerged and became thick; you can also use miracle grow to help your lawn grow.

There will be some lawns that are bumpy and littered with reeds, roots, and rocks; and with a variant of bald patches scattered across the lawn. For lawns like this some people dig them up and level them, then prep the ground with black plastic, gravel and sand, then pave over it.

Another solution would be to wait until it’s warmer out and then start digging out the rocks, weeds, and uprooting stray roots (if the roots are part of a tree system, build some sort of enclosed a rockery feature on-top of that area, rather than disturbing the roots). Once you have removed the rocks, stray roots and weeds, dig about an inch of the soil from the top and then start levelling your garden using levellers.

The next step is actually cheating, but it’s the best way to get the grass to grow back in your garden. You can do this by buying rolls of turf for your garden, and then laying them down the length of your garden; you just need to avoid walking on the grass as much as possible during its settling and water every day to help the grass along. The rolls of turf will eventually start becoming discoloured and will do for a short while; you may needs to sprinkle some grass seeds on any thinning areas and sprinkle some miracle grow. Then just give it time and you will have a level healthy lawn in next to no time.

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