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Dahlia: A flower from a tuber

Posted on January 11, 2017 at 2:55 pm


Perennial plants are small flowering plants that live for two years or more. The word perennial is used to distinguish a plant based on its life span. Perennial plants are commonly known as they bloom spring and summer season and dies every autumn. Having a huge rebirth of its popularity, garden owners realised that one popular perennial plant named Dahlias provides a wide array of beautiful and stunning colours. These plants bloom its wonderful flowers from mid-summer season to the first frost. Similarly to other perennial plants, these Dahlias take the delight of the warmth to be reproduced in subsequent waves. Positioned in a sunny place with rich soil on its roots Dahlias will never fail to give you excellent blooming flowers. With the constant evolution range that Dahlias have, variety in different flowers that it reproduces from their colours as well as their looks, they have been common flowers that are sold both in flower boutiques and on online retail stores.

Dahlia bulbs are amazing flowers that have a wide variety of classification. It comes with different looks and different colour combinations. In the UK dahlia bulbs are cultivated over the whole year round for people’s consumption. There is a different online flower boutique that sells them at various prices depending on the type of bloom you chose.

Bloms has a wide variety of dahlia bulbs to sell. They have started their garden in 1850 and continue to cultivate their land up to this year. Their passion for growing different bulbs brought them where they are now. They have a huge variety of colours for these dahlias like white, red, orange, blue and yellow. It also comes in various blooms like Ice Crystals, Twinings, sphere shapes, multi-petal in a single bloom, in different shapes and with different colour mixtures as well. The prices of these dahlias range from £5 up to £7.5 depending on the availability of the flower and the difficulty of its propagation.

Flower bulbs suppliers cater online shopping for the flowers they sell. They both sell wholesale and retail pieces of their wide variety top class flower bulbs throughout the European Union. This online flower shop offers seven kinds of dahlias from their selections. They categorise the flowers as Lemon, My Love, Park Princess, Souvenir d’Ete, Twynings White Chocolate, Wittem and Yellow Happiness. The price of these flowers starts at 10 Euros per piece.

Bloms are established as one of the UK’s largest companies providing plants and flowers. They have provided gardeners with the best quality of products at their top quality. They also have wide variations of products from plants, bulbs, seed potatoes and much more. They sell their dahlias at prices ranging from £6 up to £9 depending on the size and rarity.

Taking care of these dahlia bulbs will take more than just a good soil and a sunny place. These flowering plants do not need too much water to live. Overwatering the tuber may cause it to rot. When these dahlias are well established in their soil watering them two to three times a week will really be enough. Choosing your preferred dahlia will depend upon your liking and the availability of their variety. Some common varieties are Bishop of Llandaf, Miss Rose Fletcher, Bonne Esperance, Kidd’s Climax, Jersey’s Beauty.

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