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Car Ports from Samson to Protect your Vehicle

Posted on June 5, 2018 at 6:06 pm

Cars, vans and other vehicles are a major investment and many parts of our lives rely on us having transport. Be it for home or business, we are relying on our vehicles more than ever. The Samson P35 car port is a polycarbonate structure that offer you at-home protection for your vehicle, and what’s more, it is excellent value for money.

Who might make use of a car port? 

A car port is suitable for anyone with a vehicle who wants to give it some additional protection whilst parked up. A car port allows you to cover over your vehicle whilst it is stationary, offering it protection from the elements and other kinds of damaging substances, such as bird droppings. It is a viable option for households who don’t have an existing garage, don’t want the hassle of building one or maybe don’t have room for one at all. With a car port, the construction process will be much quicker and you won’t need planning permission.

Why Samson? 

Samson is a well-known brand in the UK and offer high quality domestic products that will help to improve your day to day living. As a quality brand, you will get quality workmanship on all products, as well as a good guarantee for your peace of mind.

What are the benefits offered by a car port? 

A car port will give you extra protection for your vehicle, which has a number of benefits for you. It will help to keep your car in better condition when it isn’t exposed to the elements – a car port will offer more protection than simply parking your car on a driveway. Its paintwork will not be exposed to harsh weather conditions and bird droppings. You might also find that your insurance premiums are reduced if you inform your car insurance company that you park underneath a car port. If your car port is attached to your property, you will be able to get from your home into your car without having to go fully outside.

The P35 car port 

The P35 Samson car port is a versatile structure that is suitable for homes of all shapes and sizes. It might be used for areas like walkways, driveways and pathways – basically any area where it is easy for you to park your car. If you prefer, you can use it for other purposes as well, such as covering over a play area or creating a covered outdoor area for another purpose, such as sitting outside or for storage. These car ports come with a built-in gutter system to direct water away from your vehicle. It is built into the front support section to and rainwater is then directed down past the front legs of the structure.


The Samson P35 car port consists of an aluminium frame, with guttering, posts, roof bars and polycarbonate roof sheets. The structure is available in various sizes and will be made to order so you can specify the width and projection – projection is available up to 6m. The car port comes in a powder coated finish in a number of different RAL colours.

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