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A Picket Fence for your Front Garden

Posted on January 23, 2014 at 1:34 pm

Picket fences can be traditional, smart looking fences, and they’re extremely well suited for front gardens. Having a fence to enclose your front garden gives you a lot more safety and security, which is ideal if your house is situated on a corner, meaning individuals won’t cut over the corner of your front garden.

Picket fences are often finished in white paint (in America) and this look can work extremely well for cottages, perhaps the type with a white exterior and a thatched roof. Traditional picket fences tend to be relatively low, and they’ll have a matching gate to give access.

If you want to shut off your garden with a cheap and popular method, then consider a picket fence. It can be finished to the colour of your liking, and it can close off your property, stopping people and their pets passing over your front garden.

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